US Open, Alcaraz defeats Rudd 3-1, world number one

In his first Grand Slam final, the Spaniard claimed a historic double and the world’s No. 1 youngest title since 1973, defeating the Norwegian 6-4, 2-6, 7-6 (1), 6-3.

May victory songs soar for Charles I, the new King of Spain, and the new Grand Slam champion. 19-year-old Carlos Alcaraz became the youngest No. 1 in the world in the last 49 hits, due to the presence of the computerized rating. But above all, with his first slam tournament of his career, he is definitively opening a new era of tennis. This generation of UltraNext Gen that won the major championships, a feat never achieved in the Big3 era.

The student of Juan Carlos Ferrero, who became No. 1 in the world in New York in 2003, executed his plan perfectly by beating Casper Rudd in 4 sets 6-4, 2-6, 7-6 (1) 6-3. Shortly before the American trip, he clearly told us: “First I learn to beat Sener, then I win one of the Grand Slams.” And so, unfortunately, he folded our number one spot after an uphill battle of 5 hours and 15, the second longest in a US Grand Slam.

the match

The first set to start with the spring-loaded Spaniard, we got used to the vitality of his 19 years. In game three, he goes wild and flies 40-0 in the Norwegian serve. Unleash a direct load of the power and vitality of teens. Ferrero frowns at the box, as if hitting his student. Carlos takes the reprimand and in the second chance decides the lead: 2-1. When it’s time to merge, the karaz takes a risk, cancels a break point and then closes for 3-1. Rudd is no longer able to close the gap and the Spaniard closes 6-4. In the second set, the performance of Casper Ruud rises, who in the sixth inning, for the first time managed to grab the joke from the young competitor. Rod ends 15-30 behind him when the break is confirmed. Then he won a bold swap for 30-0 but there is immediately a rebound from Alcaraz. The Norwegian clears it and then gets the ball 5-2. Carlos gets angry with a wrong answer under Ferrero’s grim look. The Norwegian closes in and takes one step away from the second set he won in the eighth game, snatching serve from Alcaraz and sealing the set 6-2 tie. It’s time to get back on the field and turn things around. Alcaraz looks more flexible again and takes advantage of a break when the Norwegian opens the third set. But the joy does not last long, because Casper, mathematically flawless and technically dangerous, takes advantage of the Spaniard’s lack of energy and takes the missed serve: 2-2. In the 12th game we go a few times to advantages with Rudd taking two points for the set, but the Ferrero pupil snatches all the remaining pride and gives himself the second half. The boy’s adrenaline from Murcia is great, while the Norwegian seems to have tried a bit by wasting the opportunity to go two sets to one. The Spaniard starts with two small breaks, which yields nothing and closes 7-1, and climbs 2-1 in the number of sets. In the fourth set, the break in the sixth game was decisive. He’s the new king, as Real Madrid celebrated him with a tweet.

Casper and dedicate it to September 11

After Alcaraz’s rampant exhilaration climbed into the chest of his wand, the protagonists’ first words were. Rudd chose to honor New York: “On a date like this (the final ended at 19.40 local time on 9/11, 21 years after the attack that shocked the world) I can’t help but think of all those who lost their lives in that tragedy. The game? We knew I And Carlos is what we were playing, I’m not the first in the world and I’m sorry, but the second isn’t bad either.”

Al-Carez: “A Child’s Dream Come True”

I also want to give my closeness, on such a precise date, to those who lost someone in the September 11 attacks. For me, this touches on a child’s dream: to win one of the four Grand Slams, to be number one in the world. It is difficult to speak, there are a lot of feelings. I owe a lot to my family: along the way, my parents and my team made many complicated decisions for me. Tears? They were for my mother who is not here, for my grandfather. Part of the family is with us tonight, but our thoughts went to those who can’t be here.”