US Open, Berrettini stops in the quarter-finals with Rod

Mathieu lost hard in the first set 6-1, and he also gave up the second 6-4. “We can’t go on like this” the Roman whispers, then in the third he tries to fire back but stops at the tie break. Casper is still fighting for the top of the rankings

It ends here. Under the closed roof of Arthur Ashe who saw him play two years ago in a historic semi-final in New York. Matteo Berrettini should say goodbye to the US Open in the quarter-finals, He was defeated by the amazing Casper Rod. An owner-bred Norwegian cat is now a multi-purpose player capable of intimidating and winning even quickly. Too fast, Casper’s cat, who is literally driving a Berrettini insane, certainly not in good shape and in debt to particularly fit the fast, and has stalled due to the many hurdles this season between the right-hand operation and Covid. Ends 6-1 6-4 7-6 () and the moment a return was also thought possible.

the match

Matteo Berrettini’s turn to serve begins with a double foul, which admits the first foul 15. Only 1 point in the first 4 points and 2 break points for the Norwegian. He came out straight and Matthew collapses with a fracture, 2-0 to Roode. This is expected to be just a moment of regression by the Roman who instead underwent another fracture and in an instant he collapses to 5-0. Packed, without physical and mental energy and with unhelpful service, the Santopadre pupil managed to keep the match 5-1 and then give the first set 6-1 in 27 minutes. The story does not change much in the second part, Mathieu tries to respond to Rod’s attacks. It appears to be more responsive than the first set but it’s not my usual Britney. In the exchanges had no hope. Rudd takes it all, responds well, and actually takes his serve in the third inning. Every turn represents an ordeal for Berrettini who fails to break through as usual like a hammer. Norwegian is everywhere. Also in the fifth game, he won a break point. He tries to close the exchange with a short ball, but is still in his field and Matteo, who owes oxygen and energy, slips 4-1. In the seventh inning, there are two more chances to break the pace, or set points for Casper. Mathieu, proudly, taps twice and eventually closes in with a 5-2 score. A very small empty pass to Rudd in the eighth inning: He gives up two balls to the Roman to recover one of the two chips. Next two on the network and go to the advantages. ‘We can’t go on like this’ was clearly read on Brittney’s lip but he’s still there and still has the ball 5-3 twice. Finally he recovered one of the two pieces. But that’s not enough, Rod passes, taking two sets to 0.


We need a miracle in the third and believe in it and how. Mathieu takes the break advantage and gets to 5-2 and then, in the ninth game, gets the Norwegian back 5-5. Berrettini maintains the serve and manages to stay 6-5 ahead. He goes to a tiebreaker, but the Roman immediately finishes 2-0, then 4-1 to finish 7-4. From next week, Berrettini will be in Italy where he will play for the Davis Cup group in Bologna. It starts from blue.