US Open, Brittany beat Davidovich Fokina and reaches the quarter-finals

Santopadre’s pupil starts to lose the first set badly, recovers in the next two sets and then allows the Spaniard to re-enter the game in the fourth set. The Roman is waiting for Rod who defeated Mutit

It’s cinema, baby. But also tennis. A little drama, a little suspense and a happy ending. All the perfect ingredients for a fun presentation. Especially if a happy ending means it Matteo Berrettini wins the US Open quarter-finals Beating Alejandro Davidovic, despite suffering a knee problem in the final, when he trailed 4-2 in the fifth set. The match ends 3-6 7-6 (2) 4-6 6-2 at 3 hours 45 and now for the Romanian, semi-finalist in New York in 2019, Norway’s Casper Ruud, who beat Corentin Mutet.

In the first set, Berrettini immediately ends up in trouble and starts off with a 2-0 handicap for a break. Roman is a ghost himself. Slow, not overly reactive, sometimes quit. On the other hand, Davidovich plays the role of this phenomenon, it will be the basis of boxing, in which his father started the boxer, but he flies like a butterfly and stings like a hornet, but he is one of the villains. Staying in the boxing comparison, Mathieu looks like a pierced boxer. On his knees, he tries to get close when he can, taking advantage of the Spaniard’s drops, but fails to make up the gap by giving up the first set for 6-4. He begins again with the correct posture in the second, the pupil of Santopader, who remains attached to the game even if the body does not support him. But the head belongs to the hero we are used to knowing. He squanders a point at 5-4 but doesn’t get discouraged. In a tie break, he removes all remaining grit, takes two small forward laps and closes 7-2 to bring the balance back into position.


He stops to freshen up and change his jersey and in the third set, Santopader’s pupil, the only one of his generation to have reached at least the quarter-finals in all major tournaments, starts with a break advantage. He rediscovers attitude and determination Berretto, who no longer seems at the mercy of a boy in mismatched socks in an apparent identity crisis. Mathieu also has a chance to double the break in the third game but he doesn’t take advantage of it, and he’s still ahead thanks to his opponent who at every moment looks frustrated. In fact, he gave up at the worst moment, 5-3 in the third set. Perrettini closes 6-3 to 2-1 in the number of sets.


In the third match, Berrettini sends the serve. Fokina recovers the courage from laying down a winning streak in desperation and glorifies the audience who, obviously, wants to fight. It ends up Britney under 0-30. Then the break points come back to the Spaniard who goes 40-15. Mathieu eliminates the first with a straight pass, then a winning serve to cancel the second. A backhand that slips a few centimeters back puts Fokina back in the running but he makes a mistake. There are still advantages, he still breaks the ball and this time it is Berrettini who fouls a full-back on the net for the Spaniard 2-1. Whoever maintains the advantage until the end earns a fixed point at 5-3. Roman stuck but failed to recover the defect and produce the fourth set 6-4.

The great conclusion

After the first set, Berrettini returns to the locker room to gather ideas and rejuvenate. Fifth start with the service contract even if it is with some difficulty. He struggles to run the exchanges and has to stick with a service that isn’t always on his side. Fokina is assisted by him, who in the second match gives enthusiasm errors and shoots the joke to the Romans 2-0. But that’s not all, because Berrettini, still mocking the joke, allows the Spaniard to return. The Italian does not give up, who once again managed to capitalize on the mistakes of the finalist in Montecarlo and snatch a 3-1 joke. And this time he confirmed the first half: 4-1. Wrapping his knee in a slide, the Spaniard called the doctor. He could no longer make up for the deficiency.