US Open, defeated the wrongdoer against Alcaraz 3-2

The Italian surrenders in the final to the strength of the 19-year-old Spaniard. Carlos Tiafoe will find and still run for number 1

A five-hour and 20-hour marathon, an unused match point, plenty of scenes and a record-breaking match later in US Open history. Yannick Sener stopped out in the quarter-finals after an epic battle against Carlos Alcaraz who won 6-3, 6-7, 6-7, 7-5, 6-3. Pain, but there is good news. Tennis is safe, gentlemen. We can rest assured, and step back from this phenomenon by thanking them for the joys they have given us in the past twenty years. Now we have Carlos and Janek, the new guy who goes double and triple and ignites the grand stands and televisions with an epic match representing the highest moment yet in a competition that was just born but destined to shine. A game that will even put pressure on the coronary artery of an ultramarathon runner. And it’s almost a shame that a match like this only has one winner, especially since the winner is not Italian and his name is Jannik Sinner. But at this time we have to be content with the battle, the spectacle, and the future prospects. For Alcaraz is now in the semi-finals in hand against Francis Tiafoe and the #1 goal that could be snatched by winning the tournament or reaching the final without Roode.

wrong start

We need a sener, the first point of the karaz. It is immediately played at a very high pace. A double foul on Sinner immediately broke a point for Carlitos. Jannik places the first winner to cancel it. Second double fault and second break. This time the tie comes up with a cute winner. The third double fault and the third break break, this time the forehand advances the bar and Alcaraz is leading 1-0. In the fourth inning, a double fault by Alcaraz followed by a superb pass from Sener who goes 15-30. He comes out directly from the Spaniard and the Italian has two chances to counter-break. The second time, a backhand on the net from Carlos put the situation back on the line, 2-2. But in the seventh game, everything must be reconstructed. South Tyrol lose serve and end up under 4-3, and a slightly frustrated pupil Vagnozzi, who once again lost his serve 5-3 and took the set 6-3.


The second set starts under another mark and in the third inning, Sinner advances forward with a break. Between angry exchanges and amazing winners we reach match ten. The unfortunate 10th game in which he didn’t put South Tyrol first on the field and let Carlitos back in. The pace is intense, the Spaniard confirms the break and in the 12th half saves up to 4 points from 0-40 to prove that he still has ice in his veins. A tie break is played, Sinner goes forward with a small run and at 5-4 starts again with the usual second. In the most sensitive moment, he puts the win first and goes to determine the serve point of the karaz. Carlitos, however, pulls another rabbit out of the hat and goes 6-6. This time comes the fifth point for the teenager. And our reaction is again from the phenomenon: the ace. The first group. Another set point, even Cahill can’t do that anymore for the tension. We need Carlitos, Sinner’s winning answer. Her second group. We are still alive.

recovery and transcendence

Why on earth would you miss a little suffering right away? Sinner must clear two break points in the third inning, and does so as always with the champ’s head. But in the fifth inning, chaos occurs, with Yannick recovering from 0-40 and then conceding another killer ball to the Spaniard, who climbs 3-2. The two continue to push, and in the eighth game, Sinner gives the decisive blow by hitting the Spanish serve and back to tie: 4-4 and then win the third game in a row and go 5-4. But in the eleventh match he is Batatrac, Sener loses his serve and sends the other to serve the group. Once again he has a great hero reaction, he resumes his service and goes to the tie break. Alcaraz gets stuck in the heat of 19 years and no longer bumps into anyone. Sener breaks the tie 7-0 and leads 2-1.

Damn match point

On the fourth, Vagnozzi’s pupil and Cahill ride the wave of enthusiasm and snatch the joke from the Alcaraz. He went up 3-1 but never finished, regaining the counter-break at 3-3, but in the seventh inning, he broke the bar again to zero at Alcaraz to go up 4-3, then 5-4. Serves in the match, for the semi-finals Yannick Sener. Goes less than 15-30 for the usual scrambled service. Arrival of Ice 30-30 and Alkaraz counter ball. Ace, 40-40. meeting point. canceled. double error. break the ball. The carder returns, snatches his serve, and closes the fourth set 7-5. 4 hours and 20 have passed and the fifth set is played.

no happy ending

Sinner has no legs but a header, remains tied to the game with what he has and manages to break the ball 3-2 in the fifth inning. But transmission problems are always present and the CARZ also has a stopping point. Driven by what remains of Arthur Ashe’s audience, Carlitos falls from disgrace. Sinner tries to fight but the 19-year-old is charging more and more. Sener gives way in the eighth inning and Alcaraz goes to serve the match. He makes no mistake and runs straight to the semi-finals.