US Open – If Berrettini hasn’t convinced any of you yet, he has convinced me. Third behind Petrangeli and Banata? not even

Matteo BerrettiniAnd the Beating Davidovich Fokina while moving poorly And he plays alone to his best standards, Reached the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the sixth time. He did so for the fifth time in a row, as he was unable to play this year either at Roland Garros due to a hand injury or Wimbledon (Covid).

I think in at least one of those two Grand Slams (maybe more at Wimbledon, but why not also in Paris?) Mathieu would have reached at least the quarter-finals again. In short, he would have reached the day already, at just 26 years old, in the quarter-finals 7 or 8 at the Grand Slam. Who still has the courage to discuss it?

Just Nicola Pietrangeli (10 times in quarters, 5 stops there, 1 semi-final stop, 2 losses in the final at Roland Garros, 2 wins always there in Paris) He did better than Mathieu, but he reached those milestones when top 5 at least very strong pros come to mind. (Gonzalez, Sigman, Laver, Russell, Hades…and there are certainly other forces too) that can’t compete.

Matteo has already equaled the quarter-finals reached by another Italian tennis player who, together with Nicola Petrangelli is the strongest tennis player we have ever had: Adriano Bannata.

Adriano reached six (But in his entire career), he stopped 3 times in the quarter-finals, once at Wimbledon, two in Paris, two semi-finals always in Paris, and of course there’s the 1976 victory at Roland Garros.

Behind the Italian tennis legends (and Matteo), Di Stefani has reached the quarter-finals 4 times (two lose there, one goes to the semi-finals and the other to the final), Barazzutti succeeded 3 times (Two of them reach the semi-finals, at Paris and the US Open.) Coseli, de Morpurgo and Merlo They are only the other three with kafir – So they make 9 blues in total – Who have played the quarter-finals at least three times, with De Morpurgo also reaching the semi-finals and Merlo Two (also in Paris). Sinner has never gone beyond a quarter-finalist at the moment (although he has beaten them in three different tournaments so far: he only missed a fourth at the US Open before facing Ivashka).

and then There are 9 other players – a total of 18 Azzurri players – who have only once reached the quarter-finals of a major tournament. and the only one sniper He went even further, until the semi-finals in Paris 2018.

The other eight finalists who have excelled in one Grand Slam tournament are Carati, Rolando del Bello, Fognini, Forlan, Giardini, Mulligan, Sanguinetti.

Therefore it should be considered…

Mathieu is the only one to have made a quarterback in all four tournaments (Which proves to be much more complete than all the other blues…)

… the only player to have made three semi-finals in three different peace tournaments and on two different surfaces, grass and steel (but in reality, the Australian Open and the US Open have different concretes).

… the only person who has been in the top ten for 116 weeks

…the only one who has qualified twice for the ATP Finals

The only one to win a match in the ATP Finals (or masters if you prefer)

… the only person to finish the year for three consecutive years among the top ten

The only one to reach the final in the most famous tournament. Wimbledon

The only one to win back-to-back Queen’s Club finals in his first and second matches

… the only player to have played all 16 of the major tournaments in one calendar year

…the only player to have reached the quarter-finals three times at the US Open

… the only player to reach the round of 16 at the US Open for four consecutive years

… He’s not the only one (because Bannata also managed for one year) to close the year from No. 7.

…he is also the first tennis player born in the ’90s to reach at least the quarter-finals in all Grand Slam tournaments.

… and he The only player in close to 3 out of 4 Fab Four activity, with Djokovic, Federer and Murray, to have played three consecutive Finals on turf.

I could go on, but I think that’s enough. I just repeat it Matthew is only 26 and a half years old. How many important milestones are you still achieving? And how can we not believe that in the near future Mathieu… is still young and without those unattainable phenomena Federer, Nadal and Djokovic (and a step below, Murray and Wawrinka), to block his way as they were able to do until today, will never again fill his already big booty ?

sEXCEPT NADAL POST KO Oddly enough, after Nadal was knocked out… Not only did Kyrgios become the No. 1 favorite in the tournament at 2.50 according to BWin and Alcaraz at 3, while Sinner at 7.50 despite beating Alcaraz the last two times, more than that. So that Berrettini was just 10 years old, when – at the time the post-Nadal but pre-Siner-Ivashka prospects emerged – he was one turn ahead of Jank, and the winner Yannick might have had to face Alcaraz.

IOr of course I hope That Mathieu can indeed find his best form today, which certainly helps him once again beat a tough (but not irresistible on concrete) opponent like Casper Rudd and thus reach the semi-finals in New York for the second time (against the winner from Kyrgios and Kachanov). But even if Mathieu didn’t succeed today unfortunately, how can the Italian fans so stubbornly persist in insisting above all on emphasizing the flaws of his footwork once, and another on the weakness of his backhand, without giving the proper weight to one of the three best strokes on the track between … “less than two metres”, To one of the 3 strongest straights in the ring, to a great grid game backed by extraordinary wingspans, but above all with mental toughness and nervousness, making it always play very well the Grand Slam, the most heartfelt and prestigious event. His personality, character, and tenacity perhaps worth not the same but more than a once-brilliant backhand that Mathieu has learned over the years to not only defend himself but also to attack (and not just to pounce on English lawn)? I don’t know if he will ever win a Grand Slam, a goal that would flatly silence all his critics.. sure mA lot will also depend on his physical fitness, light years away from Djokovic, his legs, ankles, calves are very skinny, but in my opinion, Matthew really deserves a lot more credit than many people seem to want to give him. yoA Grand Slam final, three Grand Slam semi-finals, six Grand Slam finals haven’t convinced everyone yet. But they convinced me.