US Open, New York champion eliminates match points

Another grand slam of the year, Which marked the beginning of a new era– is also represented by the fact that for the first time in the history of the ATP, three players born in three different decades rose to the top of the standings, in the same season: Djokovic Class 87And the Medvedev Class 96 e Alcaraz Generation Z – now welcomed. However, before all attention was focused on the Davis Cup groups, with the Blues preparing to set fire to the stands of the Unipol Arena at Casalecchio di Reno, it was time to make another “stab” by extracting the new memories that came from that astonishing, wonderful, disruptive , Sublime – Choose the adjectives that suit you best – Challenge, which was the fifth edition of the Val Pusteria saga Reverse Murcia, destined in the future to occupy the front pages of sports news for several seasons. A duel with it summed up wide and deep wound At the heart of Sinner’s “tennis,” represented by his missed match point at 5-4 in the fourth set with the aggravating conditions of service available.

The hope is that the aching pain will soon subside, heal the wound and restart the carrot pelt stronger than before. To help and console the Italian player on his way to recovery; We go to one statistical analysis Which shows how January He wasn’t the only one in the history of Flushing Meadows – and Forest Hill before that – to be a victim Treacherous sacrilege From having to lose to an opponent who would have lifted the New York Cup to the skies. In this game of tennis is the worst penalty, leaving this feeling of inferiority and remorse difficult, on the contrary it is the greatest relief, the most obvious pleasure. The two sides of the same coin Which, depending on where the heroes are located, takes on different shades, all in this case confirmed From access to El Dorado tennis.

In 142 copies of the Slam stage in the Big Apple, founded in 1881, it was good Seven tennis players can get it I “big shot” Victory in the US Opento reach this achievement After deleting at least one ball match During their journey through the tournament. Seven athletes off the racket, for a grand total 15 points game smashed. Let’s explore all the names of those legends who demonstrated cold-blooded and the ability to calm emotions and tension, in the present moment par excellence where they are most evident, starting with men’s tennis and subservient chronology.

M. Orantes b. Vilas, US Open semi-finals 1975 (match point)

The first to achieve a feat of such importance and importance was another Spaniard, on that occasion an Andalusian, born in Granada: Manuel calling. It was this year 1975And the semi-finals From the US Open, Manolo crossed the racket with Argentine Guillermo vilas, Three years. L ‘eggs From Mar de Plata, presented in two sets with the result 6-4 6-1. But here the impossible materializes, South America – n-ranked. 2 of the championship – After reacting Orantes who won the third set 6-2, he wasn’t convinced he decided it was time to bite the game: so he went hard on 5-00-40 Three consecutive points on the racket to close the competition. With only 1 point left, the inventor of the left tweener suffered 1 point Surreal and inexplicable comeback make way for 7-5 6-4the missing plus the three in a row of Sixth match Also two in the next seventh inning. Although he later announced that he had suffered a stomach injury, at the end of Part Three, he accused him of that counting still One of the greatest achievements in tennis history. In the final, Manolo ascended to an extraordinary championship by defeating the first force on the board, and a left-handed one, Jimbo Connors for every 6-4 6-3 6-3. The tennis player who was playing in the penultimate house had knocked out the Swedish bear Bjorn tower With 7-5 triple. For Orantes, that wonderful journey ended with his first major title, The only one in his entire career.

Baker b. Rustagno, 2°T 1989 US Open (match point accrued)

We’ve made the leap for fourteen years, and we’re flying for it 1989. The setup is always the same, but this time the “tennis player’s biggest concern” came already in the early days of the event: 2 degreeson the court of the three-time Wimbledon winner Boris baker. On the other side of the American network Derek Rustagnofrom an Italian family embraced after tennis the profession of lawyer. ExplosionsEven if for Clerici it was an incompetent definition, it was slowly starting to fall apart 6-1 7-6. However, he managed to find himself in time to complete the comeback, winning the last three sets of the match 3-6 7-6 6-3. This success, which came after being on the edge of a cliff, gave The momentum the German needs to reach the finalHe beat Evan in four sets Lindel – The Czech was in the US Open final for the eighth time in a row, a record-breaking tie with Bill Tyden – and won Fourth Major Career path career path.

Sampras b. Corretga, 1996 US Open quarter-final (1 point per match)

Seven more seasons pass before history repeats itself. Quarter-finals 1996 versionFacing the other’s house sampras e Alex Belt. The person who owns the most destructive service ever has already been posted on the bulletin board Half of his 14 Grand Slam titles, she won on three occasions at home Slam – ’90, ’93, ’95 -. Match point saved by house pistolthat prevailed over Catalan 7-6 (5) 5-7 5-7 6-4 7-6 (7). After the previous n. Awarded first place in the world Eighth success In the Grand Slam tournament, the fourth In New York, march in three games over the 1989 Roland Garros champion Michael Changin color comparison States between Greek and Taiwanese.

a. Roddick b. Nalbandian, 2003 US Open semi-finalist (UN match point)

Close the nineties we enter In the new millennium The year that will be highlighted in the red circle is 2003. Until now semi-finalsDavid Nalbandian The burden of trust did not eliminate. 2 of seed roger Federer – which came from the first major victory, as well as the first from 8 Wimbledon -. And this full realization of his own means makes him a rocket, and kicks Andy out Roddick Only one set of defeat – 7-6 (4) 6-3 -. But the 21-year-old from Nebraska isn’t there, giving all her energy to get it done remount Complete it with a score 7-6 (7) 6-1 6-3gives thanks to himself That match point thwarted the first Grand Slam final. The last act he saw victorious over Juan Carlos Ferrerowho in the semi-finals by eliminating Andre Agassi He has prevented confrontation between his countrymen in the derby for generations.

n. Djokovic b. R. Federer, US Open semi-finals 2011 (match date)

We have come to a more modern tennis era, eleven seasons ago: they are fighting for 24Once, in a novel so far – and perhaps now at the end of the credits – it has significance fifty From the seasons, Novak Djokovic H Roger Federer. one of Great classics From our sport, in what was probably one of the most popular releases heart consolidation. In the penultimate quarter of the US Open 2011the Serbian cannibal who already secured himself that season Two slam titles In Australia and London, where he held sway far and wide in those months, with his usual mental flexibility, he annihilated the Swiss king from a distance. Roger won the first two sets 7-6 (7) and 6-4, however he suffered the wrath of Belgrade for which he came back. 3-6 6-2 7-5 In nearly three hours of the match, dashing two chances to put an end to Federer. It was Fourth title Salam For the rubber man.

S Wawrinka b. Evans, 3°T US Open 2016 (UN match point)

The last man before Alcaraz was able to boast a similar “sail” at the Slam, Stan Wawrinka. The 37-year-old from Lausanne was crowned champion For the third time in a major rehearsal In the 2016when he overtakes Nol Djokovic (1) 6-7 6-4 7-5 6-3but the real feat stan the man That was from 3 degree t When he came out unscathed from the marathon, the ball match Against, in the presence of Dan Evans He lost the tiebreaker to the third for 7 points to 5 but made his own to the fourth for 12 to 10 – 4-6 6-3 (6) 6-7 7-6 (8) 6-2The final result.

M. Navratilova b. S. Graf, 1986 US Open semi-finals (match three point)

Of the women, only one Queen has managed to win the US Open by skillfully handling an opponent’s match ball without getting burned. Her name is Martina Navratilova, at the age of 30, has already won 14 Grand Slam tournaments, and two more in New York in the ’83-’84 biennium. But on the other side of the field is the rampant 17-year-old German, Steffi “Miss Straight” graphbut Martina is relentless and gives her classmate a he is For the second year in a row in the US Open semi-finals. Three match points canceled by the American naturalized Czech who won 6-1 (3) 6-7 7-6 (8) before sealing The third victory In the Big Apple on Def Sokova