US Open, Rublev burst into tears during the match with Tiafoe: Web reaction

Pictures of Andrei Rublev crying on a change of field during his US Open quarter-final match with Francis Tiafoe have gone viral around the world. Soon, support from many tennis fans arrived on Twitter.

Tears of emotional tension or a missed opportunity?

Rublev was certainly one of the players who took the opportunity to find himself in the quarter-finals of the Slam without Daniil Medvedev, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. The Russian also came out of good shape and faced an opponent who first tasted such important stages.

But the amazing match and the support of the crowd allowed Tiafoe to defeat the Russian with a score of 76 (3) 76 (0) 64 and give him a place in the semi-finals against Carlos Alcaraz.

In the last group, when changing the court after rest time Leading the American 4 to 3, Andre burst into tears. The reasons may be different: from stress accumulated in recent months to great stress Coincidence To win slams thrown away. On the Internet, fans tried to have their say, trying to support the tennis player.

My heart broke for him. It’s never easy to play against the crowd“.

No one in the audience cheered him on, or at least he was neutral. Understandably, he eventually indulges in feelings“.

What a tough year for him! He was treated like a war criminal everywhere he went for crimes he didn’t commit. Imagine being him. Let’s hope next year will be better“.

I’ve loved Rublev for many years and it hurts to see him like this. Show how government and tournament decisions affect players. He was blamed for his country’s crimes, banned from participating in the Grand Slam, his flag removed and stripped of points in the standings. be strong“.

If there is no Djokovic, Nadal, Medvedev, or even Tim in the quarter-finals of a Slam, that’s a godsend. You can see it from his reaction and from Kyrgios because they know they threw away the biggest chance of winning smashing titles.“.

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