US Open – Yannick Sener, how bad was this defeat. He won’t stop thinking about it. Is he or will he be a “trophy killer” like Nadal and Djokovic?

It burns to death Lost a match with match point when you can win the first semi-final of the Grand Slam. At least until the Australian Open, Yannick will not stop thinking about the missed opportunity, which could have opened the doors for him even in his first victory in a major tournament, because after Carlitos Alcaraz also Francis Tiafoe before, Casper Rudd or Karen Khachanov, All of them were already beaten, they could have been beaten again.

We won’t stop thinking about the truth of it On the match point, he was called Alkaraz A cannon abdominal service, While he was on match point at 5-4 in the fourth set, he was not able to put the “first” and in the second set he was exposed for the thousandth time to Carlitos’ aggressive reaction, which was constantly invoked by Juan Carlos Ferrero.

You won’t stop thinking about it 11 Double Mistakes Too ManyThat is, the first 3 committed in the first match of the match gave the Spaniard the green light to win the first set and also get an important psychological advantage.

He wouldn’t stop to think that despite playing a stratospheric quality match, with often exciting exchanges and ragged applause, at these levels You can’t afford to lose your service game 11 times.

He won’t stop thinking that it happened to him so much in these early years of his career Lose it when it is needed for a group or, worse, for a match. It is certainly no consolation to remember that And this often happened to His Majesty Roger Federer as well.

He won’t stop thinking that during a match, even long before the match point shift fails, there are times The opponent is going through a clear crisis stage and in these situations he takes on the killer’s instinct to bite him in the throat. It does not allow him to regain his breath and vitality.

He wouldn’t stop to think that those moments happened at the start of the fourth set, after 7 points dominated the zero, the third set tiebreaker immediately lapsed to a 2-0 lead, 3-1. there The match is “killed”.

He will not stop thinking that he will be defeated for the third time in a row, but on the most important and memorable occasion, This weekend a player may be number 1 in the world. And that if it isn’t this weekend, it will definitely be a bit off.

He would not stop to think that perhaps he would also need, in addition to Vagnozzi and Cahill who undoubtedly brought more variety to his tennis, Mental trainer like many.

He won’t stop thinking he’s in the fifth set, even after 5 hours – with 5 hours 15 minutes the second longest match in US Open history after the Edberg-Chang semi-finals at 92, 5 hours and 26 minutes which I remember well and where he got his revenge The Swede from the defeat he suffered in the final of Roland Garros 3 years ago – He was certainly more tired than Carlitos, So much so that before 3-2 and a break, he was no longer able to play a single match against the Spaniard 4.

He won’t stop believing that all the compliments everyone will keep for him This extraordinary match coincided with the toughest match ever Defeats do nothing but put your finger in a very painful sore, one of those that hurts like a dogevil Yes, the very devil who rules that wonderful game called tennis for which the damn semi-final was a great commercial, amazing trailer for all the duels following for these two next generation who are today celebrating a winner and a loser. ouch.

He won’t stop thinking that despite proving that he can play for 2 or 5 hours Djokovic cheats Wimbledon And with the Caraz in New York in the end, he lost, and God knows how he hates losing, and the opponent won. One was a winner and the other a loser.

He will not stop thinking: “But how can I be sure that all this does not repeat itself endlessly?” But to this last question he has a very clear answer in his head and will sum it up in one word that will be repeated three times, and we have already heard a thousand: work, work, work. The capital letters are not a typo.

And he will not stop repeatedly telling himself that the representation of slanted pride is not enough for him. He’s not a boy who – unlike his patrons – is pretty on TV podiums. His goals are clear, albeit terribly ambitious: to become No. 1 in the world. He wouldn’t have signed on settling down to become #3 as David Ferrer. Especially now that the Fab Four are about to retire.

close this leitmotifwhich is also inspired by some of the technical shortcomings he has already worked on, but there are still many, reliability of service above all, and addresses a few lines written to me today by a dear and respected colleague of Resto del Carlino, Massimo Cotto:Ubi Hey, the more hours go by and the more I regret tonight’s match. A millimeter, a quarter of a line, a sly tape and everything flies away. We know that. The difference is very small. We know that. But I wonder and ask you if the occasional sinner, which always excites me, does not have a structural problem. I try to explain myself. He’s great at sticking with the game because he rejects the idea of ​​giving up. It does not accept the defeated hypothesis. Start. On the other hand, it is difficult for him to push the rival enemy who led him to the edge of the valley. He is a very good boy, kind, well educated, and does not get excited about the smell of blood like Nadal and Dioko, the professional award killers. Not wanting to lose at any cost is not the same as wanting to win at any cost. It seems ironic, but it is. What’s your opinion?”

I think phenomenal tennis players like Nadal and Djokovic, relentless executioners when they didn’t have a beard, are all born of Bob’s death. Jannik Sinner today doesn’t – and certainly never does – belong in the same class as aliens.

And even if Brad Gilbert tells me at Wimbledon that in his opinion Carlitos Alcaraz is the only active tennis player who can get past 10 major slams on the billboard… I certainly take into account that Carlitos is still a teenager (2) The age gap weighs more than you think when Be your age Carlitos and Janic), before Alcaraz was considered an absolute phenomenon like Nadal (22 slams) and Djokovic (21 slams), when there was Djokovic for Nadal and for Djokovic there was Nadal (and both have a certain Federer) I want to wait at least five years before I lose my balance and… and do a strength analysis competitors.

The answer to the guilty (and to the karaz who lost yesterday if Jank scored a shred Plus in time) Today is too early. There are many who want to speed it up. And also many who exaggerate the claim that it takes patience by citing the many “serial killer” champions who actually won Grand Slams at the age of 21. Those heroes names, those who usually read Ubitennis know them and there is no need to rewrite them here.

If our champions from various sports disciplines in Italy (not only tennis, but above all tennis) have almost always been brought up at the age of 24/26, also because of a certain type of pressure that arises from the Italian federation sporting environment that can partially “contaminate” even A young man from South Tyrol who is certainly more mature, serious and determined than many of his peers, Pel di Carota della Val Pusteria could be the exception that confirms the rule, but within certain limits. A little time is right to give it. Because tennis is a sport – perhaps more than many sports – based on nerves and confidence. You’ve seen how Frances Tiafoe plays these days. And how Carlos Alcaraz played, Iga Swatic for months. It doesn’t take much to turn an irresistible tennis player into a tense and beatable one, and also the other way around. A young tennis player who today looks not so bad, can tomorrow turn into a ruthless and ruthless player, Able to marry a mortally wounded rival. to me, Even if Jank is not a phenomenon like Nadal and Djokovic and never will be, he could become less…merciful. the killer? Maybe not.