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I 32 female athletes from Italy They have been called up for the 2021 Rugby World Cup scheduled in New Zealand from October 8 to November 12. Of the 32 athletes selected, 25 play in the national championship, four in the French one and three in the English first division.

Here is the course for the Italians in their Test Readiness matches: Canada (July 24, Starlight Stadium – Langford, 34-24) and France (September 3, Stade Arboras – Nice, 21-0; September 9, Rugby Stadium – Biella, 26-19)

“We are very satisfied with the preparations that have been made with the World Cup approaching: the great commitment of all the athletes and staff allows us to be today, on the eve of the start, aware of our potential and confident of being able to face the event with the right preparation. We have a well-balanced team in all divisions and excellent skills. And possible differences. The field, as always, will give its answer; we can’t wait to share by Giandomenic Coach Dale Italdon.

Elisa Giordano (56 caps) Selected captain, received grades from Manuela Forlan, injured in first test match with France (twisted injury to right knee). Forlan (88 caps) will take part in the expedition after a positive evaluation by the medical staff about his possible career recovery such as being allowed to take to the field during the competition. Melissa Bitoni (72 capsules) H Michela Cellari (70 caps) will be the vice captains. Sofia Rolfi (Rugby Colorno) is the only absolute rookie to start with the group.

Italy, ranked fifth in the world rankings, will leave on Thursday 22 September for Auckland, the first stage of preparations for the scheduled Group B matches with Canada (October 9), USA (October 16) and Japan (October 23). The matches will be broadcast live in simultaneous broadcasting on Rai 2 and Sky Sport.

32 athletes called:

pile up

Barrow Francesca – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 1 cap
Lucia – JA – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 84 caps
Maris Gaia – Wasps, 12 Capsules
– Merlo Michela – Rugby Colorno, 11 caps
Si Sarah – Transfecta Rugby Calvisano, 8 caps
Steca (Emmanuela) – Aridissima Furba Rugby (3 caps)
Turani Silvia – Women’s President of Exeter, 20 caps


Betony Melissa – Rennes, 72 caps
Vicini Vitoria – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 11 caps

second lines

Duka Giordana – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 31 caps
Federigi Valeria – Toulouse Stadium, 36 caps
Locatelli Isabella – Rugby Colorno, 34 caps
Tunisia Sarah – Selling Sharks, 24 caps

The third lines

Arigiti Elaria – Rennes, 56 caps
Franco Giada – Rugby Colorno, 24 caps
Giordano Elisa (midfield) – Valsugana Rugby Padova 56 caps
– Sgorbeni Francesca – ASM Romania, 13 caps
Veronese Beatriz – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 12 caps

Half Scrum

Paratyn Sarah – Very nice Fürba Rugby team, 107 caps
Stefan (Sofia) – Valsugana Rugby Padova (69 caps)

Opening averages

Madea, Veronica – Rugby Colorno, 32 caps
Stefanin, Emma – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 2 matches


Kabumagi Beatrice – Aridissima Villorba Rugby, 4 matches
D’INCA’ Alyssa – Arredissima Villorba Rugby, 10 matches
– Rigoni Beatrice – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 57 caps
– Celari Michela – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 70 caps

wings / extremists

Forlan Manuela – Villorba Rugby is so beautiful, 88 caps
Granzoto Francesca – Capitoline Rugby Union, 2 caps
Magatti Maria – Milan Rugby Club, 46 caps
MUZZO Aura – Arredissima Villorba Rugby, 27 caps
Ostuni Menuzi Vitoria – Valsugana Rugby Padova, 16 caps
Rolfi Sofia – Rugby Colorno, rookie

Pre-World Cup Test Match

Canada v Italy, Langford – Starlight Stadium, Jul 24, 2022 34-24
France vs Italy in Nice – Stade Arboras, Sep 3, 2022, 21-0
Italy vs France, Biella – Rugby Stadium, September 9, 2022, 26-19

Match Rugby World Cup New Zealand 2021

US v Italy, Northland Events Center, Whangarei – Sunday October 9th, kick-off 12.45 local time / 1:45 Italian time
Italy vs Canada match, Waitakere Stadium, Auckland – Sunday, October 16th, will start at 12.45 local time / 1:45 Italian time.
Japan – Italy, Waitakere Stadium, Auckland – Sunday 23 October 12.45 local time / 1:45 Italian time

Picture of Martina Sofo