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From our correspondent in Valencia

Serbia – South Korea 2-1

After marathons in the first two days which saw the matches finish after midnight, the third day of Group B in Valencia defines a dominant and not very exciting challenge that rewards Serbia, much stronger by its two singles than the South Korean representative. It is a pity that the Spanish fans who rushed to fill the stands Saint Louis Fountain Municipal Pavilion, a building that opened in 1983 and the usual home of local basketball teams, has a capacity of about 8,000 spectators, but is close to retirement. In the city, there is a lot of talk about the upcoming opening (announced for 2024) of Valencia Arena, a The plant will cost 220 million and will hold 16 thousand people, allowing this region to enjoy one of the largest indoor facilities in Europe. There are obviously more gaps than the day before, when it was Saint Louis It was a challenging scene between Spain and Serbia, but in any case, half of the seats in the building are occupied: a good result of an organization that paid attention to detail, knowing how to engage the city with various amenities (for example, the village is very nice and a welcoming hospitality created especially for the event) able On gathering a good crowd, despite the fact that only one of the top 50 came down to the field during the day.

de. Lagovich b. SC Hong 6-4 6-0

Davis’ magic has contributed many times to results that would never have happened in a championship on the ring, but everything has its limits and a clear difference in technical values ​​and experience at these levels between Dusan Lajovic, 92 ATP players (previously it was 23 in June three years ago and with Having eight seasons behind him he ended up in the list of the world’s 100 best players) and 24 Chan Seung-hong No. 467 ATP It was too broad even for Davis’ miracles. The Koreans’ enthusiasm for the balanced match played and lost in the third set to Pospisil may have been a balancing factor, just as Lajovic – Captain Troicki’s favorite over Krajinovic and Jerry – could have finished off a two-hour double loss with Kasic. . Instead, the Serbian who played at Davis played 20 singles matches (11 W-9L balance with just one win in six fights against the Top 50) despite coming from a poor period in terms of form (in 2022 he only won two tournaments (Consecutive matches) that he still has a significant advantage in the number of displacements compared to Hong. Lajovic breaks the score already in the third game, steals the serve from the Korean player No. 2, too light with the serve (he will close the match after winning only 30% of the points with the second) And in the basics of regression. Hong moves quickly on the field and has good touch, characteristics that give him some applause, but he doesn’t have the real potential to put Lajovic in difficulty. Immediately after the break in the preliminary matches, the Koreans give new break points in the seventh and ninth inning (three, corresponding to the largest number of points set) but are saved, thanks to the support of the 50 fans of their compatriots who arrived in Valencia (like yesterday, we do not notice any Serbian fans Except for the Balkan team battalion). This helps keep him in the wake of Lajovic limiting himself to homework to get the best and in fact in the 10th game the Monte Carlo 2019 finalist risks putting his opponent back in the game, only to find himself under 0-40, but he just needs to raise the level of attention to regain Arrange the troops in the field, closing the part with a winning service. The second set doesn’t have much to tell: Hong has nothing left to oppose against Lajovic who is calm and able to play with his free arm, giving some great touches.The Serbian won 31 out of 48 points played in partial And take the meeting home.

M. Kikmanowicz b. S Kwon 6-3 6-4

The match between the two numbers one of their teams was both technically and astonishingly much better than the opening game of the day: Kecmanovic and Kwon showed they deserved their place by delivering a good, albeit short, game to the Spaniard. general. The start of the match between the two is balanced, with each taking turns easily (except for the second match, where the 74 ATP employs sixteen points, albeit without saving the break points for the opponent to keep). The turning point in the match comes after a bad half hour into the match: In 4-3 Kikmanovic, Kwon drops the correct amount to give the Serbian partial 16-for-4, giving the strongest Serbian tennis player present in Valencia at 6-3, 2-0 which is the highlight The match is final.

Indeed, Kwon has managed to raise the level of his tennis, but that is not enough against a very strong Kikmanovic: The Korean effort offers exciting moments like the one he experienced in match six, when he managed to raise himself to three breaks. points. However, in two out of three cases, the Serb’s greatest class makes the difference: the Asian tennis player only regretted the first, drowning in the net with a forehand, but the other two cases are well played by the 33 tennis player who saved them. With an amazing forehand in a cross and a winning serve. Kwon sells his skin dearly to the end, buoyed – as well as by his always vociferous supporters – by the Spanish public who wants to see as much tennis as possible and sympathy in large part begin waving Korean flags that can be collected for free at the entrance to the gym. Thus, when Kecmanovic goes to serve the match, the 74th ATP manages to get a new break point that could revive the game, but fires a backhand into the net. The Balkan tennis player on the first match point is a rush, but on the second, a long back hit from Kwon closes the match and gives Serbia the challenge win and the simultaneous opportunity to play for chances of qualifying in Saturday’s finals in Malaga. Evening, when Canada Auger faces Eliasim and Pospisil.

Nam JS / MK Song B. n. Kasik / F. Krajinovic 6-4 6-2

The doubling can be counted in the event of a tie between two national teams, but Captain Troicki, according to the regulation, decides after 2-0 to spare Kikmanovic, previously announced on the field, and to involve Krajinovic alongside Kasic. On the other side of the net he found the two serpents Two unknown to the general public such as Jisung Nam (234 in the double ATP rating) and Minkyu Song (223 in the major), both over-30 tennis players with a very modest doubles balance in Davis (1 W-7 L first, 1-6 sec. ), Although opponents do not resist. It’s well known how focus and motivation go a long way in tennis, and from the first exchanges the South Koreans showed their pride against two opponents who looked boring (in particular, Krajinovic, who at some points looked like a fish out of water). Especially in the second group, the Koreans played better in all the basics, and they deserved an important victory for the honor of the Korean movement and their careers.